Photographer Mikaela Bodkin doesn't want mothers to feel judged for how they choose to feed their babies

By Gabrielle Olya
April 06, 2017 11:16 AM
Mikaela Bodkin

Mikaela Bodkin doesn’t think mothers should be judged for how they choose to feed their babies.

The photographer, 22, captured the intimacy and beauty of moms feeding their babies with both their breast and a bottle for her “Fed Is Best” photo series, which she has incorporated into her “Love Your Postpartum” series that captures all aspects of post-birth life.

“The series was inspired by the topic ‘breast vs. bottle,’ ” she says. “I think we live in a judgemental world where people really want to voice their opinion. I think it should stop, and mommas should just feed their child how they choose — period.”

Mikaela Bodkin
Mikaela Bodkin

Bodkin decided to create the series after witnessing the negativity her sister faced when she shared that she was bottle-feeding her baby.

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“When my sister had her son and she didn’t breastfeed, people voiced their opinions,” says Bodkin. “I didn’t want that for her because she was really trying her best, and I am proud of her for that.”

She hopes her photo series will help moms to feel proud of whatever feeding style they choose.

Mikaela Bodkin

“I just want moms to embrace how they feed,” says Bodkin, “and never ever feel judged for doing what you feel is best for you and baby!”