Contestant Kurt Morgan gets an introduction to his chosen program, Abel James's the Wild Diet

By Ana Calderone Julie Mazziotta
January 07, 2016 08:45 AM
Kinetic Content/ABC

Forget verbal beat downs from personal trainers – ABC’s new weight-loss series My Diet Is Better Than Yours gives contestants the upper hand.

Five competitors pick a trainer and accompanying diet plan that they believe will give them the best shot at slimming down. If they don’t get the results they want, the contestants can drop their trainers, eliminating them from the competition. But the trainer and competitor who work as a team to win will be featured in PEOPLE.

Host Shaun T (creator of the hugely popular Insanity program) says it makes the setup more realistic.

“In this show, we don’t eliminate the contestant. We eliminate the expert, because it’s real life,” Shaun T, 37, tells PEOPLE. “We try our best to allow the contestant to never give up. People change diets all the time, but that doesn’t mean they should stop trying to lose weight.”

In an exclusive first look at the show – which premieres Jan. 7 at 9 p.m. – contestant Kurt Morgan gets an introduction to his chosen program, Abel James’s Wild Diet.

“The Wild Diet is all about eating fresh foods,” says James. “If you’re eating animals, you’re eating healthy animals that come from a healthy food chain. If you’re talking about plants, they’re fresh and they’re not too high in sugar or carbs.”

Morgan, 46, admits he’s “a little nervous” when James, who embraces fats like butter and avocado, adds a chunk of butter to his morning coffee.

“In order to lose fat you need to eat fat,” says the celebrity trainer. “When you restrict fats too much, you’re robbing yourself of your healthiest fat burning hormones.”

James, 31, also introduces his “survival pack,” which includes foods like hard boiled eggs covered in bone broth, buffalo chicken with bacon and high-quality dark chocolate. And Morgan becomes confident he made the right choice in picking the Wild Diet.

“Abel is a wealth of knowledge,” he tells PEOPLE. “I love his plan. It’s real food, it’s real life and I think it’s going to really work.”