By Gabrielle Olya
Updated October 25, 2016 04:46 PM

Finding a pair of well-fitting jeans can be a daunting and sometimes impossible seeming task.

Who hasn’t gone to a store only to find that the jeans in your size are too big or too small? Well it’s not just in your head – it turns out a “size 8” means very different things to different retailers.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Oz teams up with journalist Elisabeth Leamy to investigate just how extreme the differences in sizing can be from one retailer to the next.

“The American Society for Testing and Materials does have a voluntary standard, and they say a size 8 waist should be between 28 and 29½ inches,” Leamy explains in an exclusive clip. “But it is a voluntary standard. Retailers don’t have to follow it, and from what we saw on our shopping spree, they are not following it.”

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Leamy puts her findings on display, lining up several pairs of size 8 jeans from smallest to largest – the smallest being a pair of jeans from H&M that have a 27½-inch waist.

“The results are pretty clear here,” says Oz. “These are all size 8. They are the exact same size jeans – in theory.”

For more on how to actually find the perfect size, the difference between expensive and lower-priced jeans, and how to prevent stress and anxiety when shopping for them, check your local listings and tune into Wednesday’s episode of The Dr. Oz Show.