"This allows people to actually see what the process is like," the plastic surgeon told NBC News

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated May 03, 2015 06:20 PM
Credit: Courtesy Michael Salzhauer

Follow Dr. Michael Salzhauer on social media and you’ll find yourself inside of an operating room – complete with scrubs, skin and lots of snipping.

The Miami-based board-certified plastic surgeon – who is also the doctor performing PEOPLE blogger Kaitlyn Smith‘s pro bono skin-removal surgeries – uses Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to showcase his surgery-filled workday – complete with raw video content.

Using the nickname Dr. Miami on social media, Salzhauer has racked up more than 130,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 12,000 on Twitter with the help of his two full-time social media assistants, who take short video snippets of him and his patients as they go under the knife. (Warning: The videos may churn your stomach. You can watch one here.)

“It’s sort of like, in 10-second snaps, the life of a plastic surgeon here in Miami,” Salzhauer told NBC 6 South Florida.

But it’s not all blood and gore. Salzhauer also shares before-and-after photos of some of his clients (he calls them #beautywarriors) to show off his handy work and to inform prospective patients about what a cosmetic procedure might entail.

“This allows people to actually see what the process is like. It demystifies it so it’s a lot easier for them to take the plunge, so to speak,” he said.

And in case you’re wondering about social media violation, Salzhauer doesn’t click without consent, he said. He also mentioned that a surprising amount of clients are willing to be videotaped.

“Occasionally people will say isn’t this a HIPAA violation? And the answer is, of course, we always ask permission; not all my patients sign up to be snapped,” Salzhauer told the news outlet.

Tempted to set up an appointment with Salzhauer? It’ll be a bit of a wait. The doctor has appointments booked all the way through July 2016, NBC 6 reported.

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