May 18, 2017 02:47 PM
Charli Howard for Desigual
Source: Desigual/Instagram

Fashion brand Desigual has teamed up with body positive advocate and model Charli Howard for their new summer campaign, which features bright, colorful photos that have not been retouched.

“How many fashion campaigns can you say haven’t been retouched?” Howard, 26, shared on her Instagram, along with a photo from the campaign. “Me for Desigual.”

The brand’s Instagram page includes the campaign images along with quotes from Howard about why starring an an unretouched shoot was meaningful to her.

“Beauty is measured in so many sizes and shapes, not just size 0,” she told the brand. “Diversity is the key to changing that.”

Howard said she wasn’t worried about putting any of her “faults” on display.

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“I don’t retouch my selfies at all and neither should you!” she said. “We all have insecurities and little faults, but that’s exactly what makes us unique and special.”

The model has spoken about feeling better about her body with more curves, so she now looks forward to modeling swimsuits.

“Now [that] I’m curvier, I feel so much sexier and excited to wear swimwear,” she told the brand.

She also weighed in on what makes someone a “real woman.”

“I think that every woman is a real woman,” said Howard. “Who cares if they are short, tall, thin, fat, athletic, heterosexual or gay? Every one of us is marvelous.”

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