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October 25, 2016 06:55 AM

Dancing Kevin is still moving and grooving—but without his signature belly!

Kevin Schroeder, a Columbus Blue Jackets super fan, got his name for his stomach-jiggling moves during breaks in action at hockey games, but this season, he arrived at the Ohio team’s home opener 160 lbs. lighter.

Schroeder showed off his new body to a huge roar from the crowd — one that was even louder than when he danced at Blue Jackets games last season weighing 358 lbs. — and the team played a video of his weight loss progress.

“It was an unbelievable evening tonight @nationwidearena. I am so #honored and #grateful that the @bluejacketsnhl shared a #video tribute of my #healthjourney tonight on the Jumbotron,” he wrote on Facebook. “You guys are the best #fans in the entire world and because of you I was able to accomplish this.”


Schroeder made up his mind to lose weight just ten months ago, and started dropping the pounds on Jan. 28.

“Thanks to #God for giving me the #strength not to give up that day in December when all I wanted was for the physical pain, the emotional hurt and the despair that was my life to end,” he writes on Facebook. “I was either going to #giveup and let nature take it’s course or end it myself but a voice told me I was worth so much more than this shell, this #prison that my body and mind had become and it said get off that couch and fight for a better life.”

Schroeder documented his workouts throughout the year, and dipped under 200 lbs. just a few weeks before the season started.

“Today I reached a #milestone on my #healthjourney I actually thought I would never meet. For the first time since my jr year at #BrookvilleHighSchool in #Brookville #Ohio I can say I weigh less than 200lbs.,” he said.

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“This journey is just starting and I look forward to where this is going and I promise I will never take what I’ve been given, a new life, for granted.”

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