Dan Taberski tells Katie Couric he left a boom box with recordings from the Missing Richard Simmons podcast outside the fitness guru's home

By Gabrielle Olya
March 29, 2017 11:45 PM
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Dan Taberski, creator of the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, did his best to make sure the fitness guru heard the podcast dedicated to him.

“I wanted to make sure that Richard was hearing the podcast, because that was a big part of this,” Taberski said on Katie Couric’s podcast, which will air Thursday.

Unsure if Simmons would even know how to listen to a podcast online, Taberski decided to deliver the episodes straight to his door.

“Sometimes I think of Richard Simmons like my grandmother, like I’m not quite sure if he knows how the internet works,” he said. “So it was literally just putting what we had done into a boom box and putting it on his stoop, and to get his reaction so that we would know that he had heard it.”

Taberski isn’t sure if Simmons received the boom box, but says his housekeeper Teresa Reveles definitely saw it.

“I put it over the fence, which is super easy to do because it’s right there on the street, and then we left,” he said. “And as we’re driving away, I saw Teresa, the housekeeper, come pick it up. So we’re like, ‘Great, mission accomplished.'”

Taberski left a note along with the boom box inviting Simmons to speak with him the next day. While Simmons did not show up at the appointed time, the whole experience did provide Taberski with some closure.

“Inside was a note saying, ‘We’ll be back at 9 o’clock, if you want to talk to me… I don’t know if you’re getting any of my messages […] We’ll wait 10 minutes. If you come out then, then we’ll be waiting for you and we can talk. If not, this is it, we’re done,'” recalled Taberski. “And he didn’t come out.”

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Simmons’ manager previously told PEOPLE that the 68-year-old — who has not been seen in public since 2014 — did not want the attention the podcast was bringing.

“Dan said to me, ‘People just want to have a chance to thank him and congratulate him and let him sort of have a final send-off.’ But he doesn’t require that!” Simmons’ manager, Michael Catalano, said. “You can’t force it on someone. He’s not asking for a curtain call.”