The La Voz Kids host talks relationships, body image and her career in New You's summer edition

By Michael Miller
Updated May 05, 2015 08:00 AM
NEW YOU Magazine

Daisy Fuentes has figured out the secret to any successful relationship.

“What men prefer – what we all prefer – is to not hear so much bitching and complaining,” the host of Telemundo’s La Voz Kids tells New You magazine in its upcoming summer issue.

Happily single at 48, Fuentes says her advice to both men and women is “just to be comfortable and confident, whether you’re skinny, you have curves, or you’re muscular or athletic, or chubby. That’s sexy.”

What’s not sexy, Fuentes says, is being self-deprecating: “When you give someone a compliment, instead of saying, ‘Thank you,’ [women] say, ‘Ugh, I’m so fat … I’m trying to lose weight.’ We all have things that we want to make better, but we should talk about things we can do to feel healthier.”

As a former model, Fuentes says she knows what it’s like to struggle with body image.

“As soon as I got into this business at 20 everyone was on a diet, so I went on a diet,” she says. “I didn’t need to go on a diet, but you get caught up in that. I would try to look thinner or better out of pure vanity.”

Adding to the pressure, Fuentes explains that she faced even more challenges as a Hispanic woman. “When I started out in the ’90s, there wasn’t even such a word as a “cross-over” – because there weren’t artists to crossover.”

Fuentes admits that she still experiences “a little vanity,” but says “it’s mostly because I don’t want to get older and not have a good lifestyle. The real secret to anti-aging is when you start doing it from the inside. That’s something I have become passionate about.”

As for her own dating life, the Cuban actress tells New You, “I love relationships, I love men, I love dating. I don’t need them for my life but I love it all and I want it.”

In addition to confidence, she says the key to dating is realizing that “happiness is found within yourself, not beside someone else.”

She adds, “I’ve made it so that I am so fulfilled and so complete that I welcome anyone into my life and it’s okay for anyone to leave – just don’t block the doorway.”

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