"Today was painful, bittersweet, electrifying, crazy and awesome, but also magic and I'm ready for another," said Candice Huffine

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated March 21, 2016 02:50 PM
Credit: Source: Candice Huffine/Instagram

Candice Huffine has been documenting her training for a half marathon on social media, in part to challenge misconceptions about curvy models, and on Sunday she shared that she successfully crossed the finish line.

“Today was painful, bittersweet, electrifying, crazy and awesome, but also magic and I’m ready for another,” she wrote of the NYC race on Instagram. “I am capable of anything. This I thought I knew, but now [it’s 100 percent] confirmed. [It] means you are too! Thank you guys for all the support. It didn’t go un-thought of during the miles!”

Huffine said she decided to run the 13.1-mile race to prove to herself that she could do it, and to challenge people who think models like her don’t exercise.

“People assume that plus models are not active or interested in being active,” she said. ” ‘How can you work out but still be a size 12?’ There’s confusion there.”

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Huffine told Cosmopolitan that she decided to run a half marathon while discussing her goals for 2016 with her husband last December.

“I’ve dabbled in running,” she told the magazine. “I’ve signed up for 5Ks in the past as part of charitable events, and I couldn’t complete them. I walked the majority of them. I never ran often enough to realize the benefits of it.”

And her fitness goal had nothing to do with wanting to change her size.

“People think that I’ve started this new active life style in order to change my body or to lose weight,” she said. “That’s been one of the questions I’ve gotten the most. Not, ‘How many miles can you do straight?’ or, ‘How’s training been?’ It’s, ‘Are you losing weight?’ I’m like, ‘No! Not really!’ ”

“I’m getting out of my comfort zone,” she said. “I’m trying something I’ve never tried before. I’ve set this huge goal for myself. Changing my size or changing the number on a scale is so far from anything to do with it. It hasn’t even been on my mind.”