"Women looking like Kimmy K on Instagram is not the enemy. Believing that this is the only definition of sexy is the enemy," says Hall

By Ana Calderone
Updated March 11, 2016 01:30 PM
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram; Source: Constance Hall/Facebook

Australian blogger Constance Hall is the latest notable imitator to take on Kim Kardashian‘s controversial nude selfie.

Hall – who started her body positive campaign #LikeAQueen earlier this year – took to Facebook to post her version of the mirror photo on Thursday. While Hall does her fair share of poking fun at her own physique in the post, she also uses the opportunity to encourage women to embrace all body types.

“Kim and I have really similar curves,” writes Hall. “Kim’s been called too fat, too thin, too fake, too everything. She looks like this for a living and let’s face it Queenies, competing with a mirror for Kanye’s attention would be hard work.”

“But the women looking like Kimmy K on Instagram is not the enemy,” she continues. “Believing that this is the only definition of sexy is the enemy. Sexy has endless variations – we might not all have this glamorous bathroom, but we certainly all have our own sexy.”

The mother of four goes on to explain that while Kardashian likely exercises “a lot” to maintain her figure, Hall hates exercise more than most – and that’s okay.

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“Once every six months I go for a run. [My husband] Bill watched my last one from our bedroom window. He watched me run 75 meters down the road, turn around and run back,” she says. “Three minutes after embarking on my run I collapsed through the door struggling to breathe, and was met with my loving husband saying, ‘What was that? It wasn’t a run, it was more like three minutes of interpretive dance down the road. I hope the neighbors saw that.’ ”

Hall finishes the post – which has over 75,000 likes and 8,000 shares – by reminding us that all women deserve recognition.

“I salute all women, every single f—— one of us,” she says. “The ones who change our minds about our runs after passing three houses, and the ones who work their Queenly arses off at the gym.”