The Australian-based blogger is inspiring mothers to embrace their 'flaws'

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated January 20, 2016 08:55 AM
Credit: Source: Constance Hall/Facebook

Constance Hall, a blogger hailing from Australia, took to her Facebook page on Monday to encourage body acceptance with a social media campaign called #LikeaQueen.

She’s asking her followers to take a picture “that society has deemed you unfit for because your too old or skinny or fat or you’ve had too many kids or not confidant enough or for whatever reason you have been made to feel like you don’t deserve to love your body or your self,” Hall writes in the post.

The blogger accompanied her call-to-action with a raw snapshot of her post-pregnancy body while holding her baby.

“Like a queen, you guys,” she writes. “She’s flawed, she swears, she eats the cake, she has a past and she owns that s—, she’s skinny, curvy, flabby, muscly and she loves it because she’s a f– queen.”

Since going live less than 24 hours ago, Hall’s post has garnered over 41 thousand likes as well as countless submissions from women everywhere, who opted to share their own ‘flaws’ on Hall’s comment thread, from surgery scars and stretch marks to acne.

“Let us sit around drinking self worth and queen vibes from a champagne glass,” she concludes. “Because our royal bodies deserve so much more.”