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June 29, 2016 10:25 AM

Connie Britton is on a wellness kick.

The actress and her “bestie” Marley Shelton attended The Ranch Malibu‘s R4.0 program, a four-day fitness and wellness retreat that involves morning hikes, afternoon exercise classes, plant-based meals and spa treatments.

“Vacay!!! …ish,” Britton, 49, captioned an Instagram photo of herself with Shelton while on the retreat. “Intense hikes in Malibu. Delicious vegan meals. Friendship. Relaxation. Exercise to sweat out the toxins. To re-energize. And then rest.”

The Nashville star says the program was a new beginning for her.

“It was a four-day retreat to reset, start a new chapter, and kick my butt,” she shared. “So needed.”

And it appears the eight hours of daily physical activity required of guests may have taken its toll on Britton’s leg muscles!

“Don’t mind the blue tape on my shins #igotshinsplints #itsmyburden #thestruggleisreal,” her caption continued.

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Shelton also shared a photo of herself and Britton one of their intense hikes.

“Today we crushed an 11-mile hike with a 1,300-ft. climb all before noon,” she posted on Instagram. “Need to lay down now.”

The idea behind The Ranch was to give people a place to unplug, unwind, reset and recalibrate from busy, crazy lives, co-founder and CEO Alex Glasscock previously told PEOPLE.

It’s so effective because we have a no options program,” he said. “The sum total of eating healthy, low-calorie nutritious meals, coupled with rigorous exercise, massage and stretching, is you detox, your cholesterol levels are improved, you lose fat, gain muscle, and have this overall sense of empowerment, confidence and clarity when you leave.”

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