The actress, 48, dishes on her food and fitness philosophy in the new issue of New Beauty

By Maria Yagoda
Updated July 08, 2015 02:30 PM
Credit: Anthony Behar/Sipa USA

If there’s one thing Connie Britton is unwilling to give up, it’s cake.

The Nashville star, 48, is all about feeling and looking her best, but not if it means depriving herself of a few splurges once in a while, she tells New Beauty in the summer issue. So what’s her secret to achieving such a healthy body? Balance.

“I don’t want to create a vision of a woman who is starving herself, but I also like to feel healthy and good, and there are just certain healthy foods that do that, so I have a tendency to stick with those,” she says. “The key is balance and what serves your spirit the best.”

As for staying fit, Britton confesses a deep dislike for the gym, which she connects to growing up with asthma. Although she experimented with aerobics in college – which actually mitigated her asthma symptoms – it made her hate the gym even more.

“Now, I avoid it all costs! So, I try to get creative about working out,” she says, adding that yoga and Pilates are some of her favorite activities. “Anything that is outside, like hiking or swimming that serves the whole mind-body-spirit connection for me is really good. I am also a huge fan of meditation.”

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The actress’s philosophy of balance applies to aging, as well, which has allowed her to resist the persistent pressure Hollywood puts on women to stay youthful.

“My body is still in good shape, but it’s more about the wisdom for me,” she says, of being at peace with herself in her late-forties. “If you serve your spirit, all of a sudden at this age, life is less scary, less overwhelming. Maybe that’s the whole secret to life. It’s not that bad getting older, you can enjoy it.”

Loving the skin you’re in, Britton continues, is a decision.

“Find your own value. Know your body. Know what works for you. There is so much pressure, but we do have a choice. It has to be your life you are living.”