"Everyone wants what they don't have," the petite actress tells U.K.'s Elle

By People Staff
Updated April 02, 2008 12:15 PM
Jackson Lee/Ahmad Elatab/Splash; Clinton Wallace/Globe

Move over, Justin.

Jessica Biel has found a new No. 1 fan in Christina Ricci.

The 5-foot-tall actress – who had to fill out a pair of barely-there hot pants for her upcoming role in Speed Racer, directed by The Matrix‘s Andy and Larry Wachowski – is full of praise for Biel’s famously fit physique.

“I asked my trainer, ‘Can you give me Jessica Biel’s butt?'” the actress – who starred with Biel’s beau Timberlake in last year’s Black Snake Moan – tells the U.K. edition of Elle. “I want a bigger butt.”

Alas, because of her tiny frame, “they said I couldn’t,” she laments. “Everyone wants what they can’t have!”

She may never be bootylicious, but Ricci – who battled anorexia as a teenager – says she’s learned to love her body nonetheless.

“Young girls have body issues and I was not exception, except that I happened to be famous,” the 28-year-old says. “I conquered it, but it stays with you. I do not starve myself now – my weakness is candy and sweets. It’s my only vice!”

In fact, the Addams Family alum said she given up weighing herself.

“I do not want to waste one more minute of my life feeling bad about the way I look,” she explains. “If you’re obsessed with how you look in your bikini, you’re not going to have much fun at the beach.”

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