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August 18, 2016 02:05 PM

YouTube’s hottest fitness couple may be back on.

Popular fitness personalities Nikki Blackketter and Christian Guzman shocked fans on Wednesday when they revealed that they had reunited five months after they had broken up.

Blackketter announced the news to her 1.1 million Instagram followers, showing a shot of the buff couple on a beach in Hawaii, where they are currently vacationing together.

“Whelp … that escalated quickly,” the bikini bodybuilder captioned the photo, adding, “#idontevenknow #explanationcoming #catsoutofthebag.”

Blackketter also shared glimpses of the pair’s vacation on Snapchat on Wednesday, posting multiple selfies with Guzman. She also said she noticed that her back-on flame was removing the ice from her water cup because “he knows I don’t like ice in my water.”

“So f——ing cute,” she said.

In February, Blackketter and Guzman announced that they had broken up after over two years of dating. At the time, Blackketter said in a YouTube video that Guzman no longer had feelings to her and that they had drifted apart. In a since-deleted response video, Guzman suggested that there were insecurities in their relationship and that the pair had briefly broken up earlier in the year.

The couple’s breakup came as a shock to their many fans (in addition to her 1.1 million Instagram followers, Blackketter has over 465,000 YouTube subscribers while Guzman has over 530,000 YouTube subscribers and over 708,000 Instagram followers). The two mixed their personal and professional lives both on social media and in Guzman’s Alphalete Athletics business, which includes both a fitnesswear line and a gym based in Houston. Blackketter helped Guzman with Alphalete’s womenswear line but cut ties with the company after they broke up.

Just one month before their breakup, Guzman and Blackketter purchased a home together in the Houston area. After they split, Blackketter moved out.

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Their reunion was even more of a shock as both Blackketter and Guzman had posted on social media in recent months that they had apparently moved on – Guzman with an Alphalete Athletics model and Blackketter with a man who lived in Philadelphia. However, both stopped short of saying they were in relationships with their new loves.

It’s unclear when exactly Guzman and Blackketter reunited, but last week the pair likely crossed paths when they both attended the YouTuber’s Retreat in Los Angeles. (Guzman was a keynote speaker at the event, which was organized by their mutual friend Javon Alvin.)

After their breakup, Blackketter and Guzman had admitted in separate YouTube videos that they were still talking.

Neither Guzman nor Blackketter could be immediately reached for comment.

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