Bale again changes up his look, for his latest film role

By Andrea Billups
Updated May 22, 2013 10:20 AM
Splash News Online

Batman, he ain’t.

Christian Bale continues to be quite the physical chameleon. Seen walking through the airport in Los Angeles, Bale, 39 and nearly unrecognizable yet again, now sports a shaved head and retains some of the girth he has displayed in recent months – all for a new role, as a ’70s con man turned FBI worker, in his latest film, American Hustle, about the ABSCAM sting.

His pale and paunchy look, with a groomed goatee and mustache, stands in stark contrast to his emaciated form in The Machinist, for which he subsisted on a diet of apples, cigarettes and coffee to shave 63 pounds, a third of his usual weight.

Bale, a native of Wales who took his turn as Batman in the Dark Knight films, also challenged his body and fitness as a boxer in The Fighter, his dedication to character earning him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
– Andrea Billups