The model shares details about her upcoming wedding to John Legend

By Carlos Greer
Updated May 20, 2013 02:00 PM
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Chrissy Teigen is getting into the wedding spirit. With a few months to go until her fall nuptials to John Legend, the host of VH1’s Model Employee got in some practice, by serving as ring bearer in a mock wedding at Campari’s Annual Bartender Bash in New York.

“I’m excited. I can’t wait for the ceremony. [John] and I have been working and traveling so much that we just let our wedding planner do everything,” Teigen told PEOPLE on Sunday night. “We’re not neurotic about it. I just want to finally see all of my friends in one area.”

She added, “We don’t mean to be tight-lipped, but we have to save something.”

Teigen will go so far as to reveal that it will be a destination wedding but not near the shore: “I hate the beach. I hate the sand.”

Shocking, given that the bikini-ready model is often shot in tropical locales. But she said her Vera Wang dress does “kind of have a sexier feel at the top, like a swimsuit, so I have to get my body ready. I have to buckle down.”

Which includes? “I don’t like trainers, because we distract each other. We talk too much and I get too friendly. I prefer classes instead. I love Physique 57.”

In addition to classes, she’ll be making major changes to her diet. “I love eating sushi and eating raw and clean – no pasta and bread. Low carbs is what works for me. I was just in Alabama and I ate fried pickles – you name it. I started listing the things I was eating on Twitter and it was insane,” she said.

As for who will provide the tunes for the wedding, “[John’s] going to sing ‘All of Me’ – he writes a lot of love songs, but this one is specifically about me, so it makes it more special,” she said. “My dad even cries when I play it for him in the car.”