Fit mom Chontel Duncan reflects on the ways her body has changed 11 weeks postpartum, including boobs that are less "perky" and stretchy skin

By Julie Mazziotta
December 06, 2017 11:54 AM
Credit: Chontel Duncan/Instagram

After having two babies, Chontel Duncan’s body has definitely changed — and she’s completely okay with it.

The fit mom and trainer shared a photo of her body 11 weeks after delivering her second son, Swayde, on Sept. 20 via a c-section.

“Officially 11 weeks postpartum, (6.5 weeks recovery) and have currently been training for 4.5 weeks at @hiit_australia,” Duncan wrote on Instagram. “This morning I woke up more determined then ever, got both of my bubbas in the truck and off we went to training. It wasn’t my best performance I am so incredibly unfit but FAR OUT I feel so much better for it.”

Duncan recognizes that while she may feel less fit than she used to, fans see her abs and wonder how she could possibly be out of shape. After a follower asked how her body has changed, Duncan gave the full rundown.

“My fake boobs are no longer as perky, but they have fed two little miracles so I love them, my skin is quite stretchy around my belly button and my belly button doesn’t know if it’s a ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’ (looks like a bit of both). My posture is awful, my scar is bigger & my core muscles feel like they’ve lost their placement,” she says.

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But along with those physical changes, Duncan says her mindset has completely shifted.

“What else has changed is my ‘SELF LOVE,’ ” she says. “I truly love my body more then I did before I had babies and that’s the key point here, SELF LOVE.”