The friends looked very different while pregnant four weeks apart from each other

By Jessica Fecteau
Updated May 19, 2016 03:40 PM
Credit: Source Chontel Duncan/Instagram

From comparing baby bumps, to meeting their babies!

Australian HIIT trainer Chontel Duncan and her friend Nat have recreated the photo that started it all.

Duncan gained internet fame back in March when she posted a photo showing how different baby bellies can be, even at similar stages of pregnancy.

Now, 11 weeks later, Duncan posted a photo on Instagram of their two healthy newborns curled up on their chests, alongside the original photo.

“Had a lovely surprise visit from Nat & baby Charlie. Omg his baby blue eyes are so beautiful. Wish I could have cuddled & kissed him but I’m not 100% well yet (hence my rank face). Two healthy incredible pregnancies & now two healthy baby boys,” she captioned the photo.

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The trainer, 27, dealt with critics throughout her pregnancy who said she was harming her baby. But Duncan assured them that she and her son were in fact, healthy, posting “I am so confident in the team that support my journey, and so in tune with my body that it does not discourage me and make me feel the need to sit down, stuff a burger down my throat, become bed ridden and live in a bubble.”

The fit momma, who was back to her six-pack abs just six weeks after giving birth, is happy to be back in the gym and working out with her son Miah in tow.

And she has no plans to slow down, previously telling PEOPLE she’s hoping for baby number two very soon.

“If all goes well, I plan to fall pregnant again this year,” Duncan said.