Even celebrities resolve to do more yoga and eat less pizza in the New Year

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated January 03, 2017 11:40 AM

You’re not the only one — even celebrities are vowing to eat less pizza and do more yoga in the New Year.

Everyone from Kate Hudson to Miley Cyrus is sharing their plans for a healthier 2017 on Instagram.

Hudson (and her rocking abs) are spending the first ten days of the year getting back into the swing of things.

She kicked off New Year’s Day with a little hair of the dog in the form of a bloody Mary, and forced herself into a spin workout on Monday.

“Gonna get on my favorite bike @pelotoncycle and try to make this happen #StillLazy #GonnaGetUpAndMakeItHappenTho,” Hudson, 37, wrote on Instagram.

Lena Dunham got in a peppy workout of her own on Jan. 2, and hit the yoga mat to flow it out with a friend before switching over to doing jumping jacks.

“new year gotta do it!!!” Dunham, 30, added.

Lea Michele is ready to bare all in the New Year, and shared a stripped down snap for 2017.

“Loving you so far 2017,” the actress, 30, posted.

And Khloé Kardashian, who rocked her 2016 New Year’s resolution to lose weight, finished out the year with a heart-pumping boxing workout.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is ready for a change after an indulgent night out on New Year’s Eve, filled with pizza, pasta and alcohol. Before bed on Jan. 2 she spotted an unwelcome result of her food choices.

“I deserve it. Too much pizza. Not enough water. #firstpimpleof2017,” Cyrus, 24, wrote.

Finally, after a groundbreaking 2016, model Ashley Graham is ready to continue leading the way in the New Year.

“Walking into #2017 with boldness, excitement and confidence!!” Graham, 28, wrote. “Thank you to all the people who helped me achieve so many of my goals, dreams and desires this past year! Dream big and get what you want. Happy New Year!”