August 23, 2017 01:41 PM

Get ready for a super-fit wedding: Blogilates creator Cassey Ho is engaged!

The fitness influencer shared the happy news that her longtime boyfriend (whom she had kept a secret from her 1.4 million Instagram followers!), Sam Livits, proposed during a trip to Hawaii.

“I got engaged in Kauai to the love of my life. It feels like a dream but Sam reminds me that it’s definitely real,” Ho writes on Instagram.

Cassey Ho/Instagram

The POP Pilates creator says that Livits brought her out to a cliff he found on the premise that they were going to take photos for her Instagram page. Once they made it out there, he pulled out a ring box.

“He got on one knee and asked ‘Will you marry me?’ And all I could say was…’Wait, is this real?, You’re kidding right?, Hold on, this isn’t fake?!’ He was like, ‘NO CASSEY! THIS IS REAL!!!!’ ” Ho recalls. “IT. WAS. UNREAL.”

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Ho says that Livits has changed her life.

“He knew me and loved me before Blogilates ever existed. We dreamt together, built together, failed together, lost hope together, and found what we were desperately searching for in one another…together,” she says. “We’ve been through so much and I 100% would NOT be who I am today without him.”

Livits posted another Instagram sharing the news.

“From finance tutor to fiancé. Feeling like the luckiest guy in the [world]!”

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