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March 02, 2016 02:25 PM

Erin Oprea won’t let anyone shame her for working out.

After a stranger posted a photo of Oprea on Facebook, making fun of her for working out during her son’s soccer game, the celebrity trainer fought back, calling him out on social media with the help of her client and friend, Carrie Underwood.

Now, Oprea, author of The 4×4 Diet tells PEOPLE that that she will proudly continue to fit in fitness while supporting her boys.

“I will never change my ways because of someone trying to shame me,” she says. “The next soccer game is Friday and I will continue to do what I always do, what I have always done, for years and years and years.”

“It keeps me active, it keeps me moving, and it keeps me from ever yelling at my kids when they’re on the field.”

Oprea has long enjoyed jumping rope while her sons play soccer, because she can keep an eye on the game while still fitting in a workout.

“I jump rope while they play their games – that’s how I focus,” she explains. “It gets my steps in; I want to get my steps in and I want to watch the game. I don’t miss one second of the game.”

So she was surprised that this stranger, who has since changed his Instagram profile picture to one of Underwood along with a reference to her popular song ‘Jesus Take the Wheel,’ would mock her for being a supportive, active mom.

“I was actually in the parking lot. He took a picture in the parking lot of me, and at this point he took the picture, I was relaxing, I was just standing there watching the rest of the game at that point,” Oprea says.

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And even with the backlash, he doesn’t seem to care that he cyber-bullied Oprea.

“He’s still continuing, he isn’t backing down from any of his comments, he is not regretful,” she says. “This is the type of person he is and there are people like this in the world and unfortunately we can’t let these kind of people ruin our happiness and our shine from life.”

And this isn’t even the first time she’s faced criticism for working out while her boys play.

“I was jump roping at a different game, where I didn’t know any coaches, I didn’t know anybody – it was another team my son played on and a coach was making fun of me on the sidelines,” she recalls. “The coach didn’t know that [my son] and I were together. This is what my son told the coach as he’s making fun of me to all the kids: ‘You’re just jealous cause my mom’s more ripped than you.’ ”

Along with her son’s support, Oprea is also grateful that Underwood stood up for her.

“I’m very thankful that I have such great friends and clients [like Carrie] that are willing to keep my back,” Oprea says. “But it doesn’t surprise me at all with her [Carrie], she is a big believer in empowering women.”

Reporting by KATIE KAUSS

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