Candace Cameron Bure has amazing abs thanks to her daily workouts, but joked around and shared her belly in a gif with her trainer

By Julie Mazziotta
May 01, 2017 01:23 PM

Suck it in — now breathe!

Candace Cameron Bure has ridiculously impressive abs thanks to her daily workouts, but sometimes she has to let loose.

The Fuller House star, 40, posted a Boomerang to Instagram where she shows off her taut tummy — and then blows it back out — alongside her longtime trainer, Kira Stokes, and costar Dave Coulier’s wife, Melissa.

“Am I doing it right @candacecbure @melissacoulier? #evolutionofabs,” Stokes posted on Instagram.

Though Stokes is based in the New York area, she’s out in Los Angeles with Bure this week while she films season three of Fuller House, and the duo are hitting the gym — a.k.a. Bure’s dressing room — for fun workouts.

Bure says that at 40, she’s in the best shape she’s ever been.

“I feel the most fit and strong that I’ve ever felt in my life,” Bure told PEOPLE in February. “What keeps me on track is that I want to feel good and have a long life with my husband [Valeri Bure, 42] and kids [daughter Natasha, 18, and sons Lev, 16, and Maksim, 15].”

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She and Stokes focus on mixing up their workouts to get the biggest benefits.

“Our workouts incorporate strength training with cardio, plyo work and balance,” Bure said. “What’s so specific about Kira is the order of the moves that she does that complement one another, which really makes a huge difference in her workout.”

And since they started, Bure says her body has completely transformed.

“When I see muscles that are more defined that I hadn’t seen before, it’s exciting,” she said. “I love a muscular figure. It feels like an accomplishment and it makes me feel strong and I love having a strong body. When you look better, you feel better. That keeps me motivated.”