The 25-year-old actress and women's rights advocate took to Twitter to slam Good Weekend magazine earlier this week

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated July 17, 2015 03:30 PM
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Caitin Stasey isn’t opposed to nudity, but it’s going to be done on her own terms.

The 25-year-old Australian actress called out a magazine on Twitter after the editor dropped her feature story, which she believes was a result of her refusal to pose naked for the photo shoot.

On Wednesday, Stasey kicked off a slew of Tweets condemning Good Weekend magazine for suddenly not having the space to run a piece on her “because I wouldn’t do a shoot in my underwear.” She also named editor Ben Naparstek as the “lead culprit” in the situation.

“They wanted to team an interview about my upset over the constant objectification of women with a sexualized photo shoot. I declined,” Stasey Tweeted on Wednesday. “And miraculously, conveniently after I said I wouldn’t do it, they claimed the magazine was downsized & there was no space to run the piece.”

The Reign actress is a major advocate for women’s rights and has posed nude in the past on her own website. (Stasey recently founded, a platform dedicated to negating the hypersexualization of female bodies without permission.) But in this case, she says, she never agreed to pose nude.

“U do understand the difference between a woman appearing naked on her own terms & one being coaxed to in order to sell your product?” she continued on Twitter. “A woman appearing nude once, for her own purposes, does not have to bend to you willing her nude for yours.”

Stasey supported her claims with screenshots of emails between the magazine team and her representation.

On Thursday, Stasey opened up to pop culture outlet Pedestrian about the situation, saying it was an issue “of consent and context, both of which were disregarded by Ben and the team at Good Weekend.”

“He’s acted like an entitled frat boy who can’t understand why a woman won’t sleep with him, simply because she’s slept with other people. That’s the crux of the issue, assuming a woman is available to you and your agenda purely because you desire it.”

Naparstek explained in a statement to ABC that he planned for the feature shoot to be nude in order to reflect “the beautiful imagery she’d published of herself” on her website.

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“That was always the concept we had in mind,” he said. “As the profile was tied to the launch of Caitlin’s website of nude photography, I thought it would be fitting to do an artful shoot in that vein while offering a change of pace from our usual celebrity portraits. But of course I fully respected and understood Caitlin’s reluctance to participate in that.”

He also provided a separate statement to Pedestrian following the site’s Q&A with Stasey, stating: “We decided not to pursue the shoot when her agent offered us access to existing portraits instead. But with the peg no longer as strong, we chose to delay the profile until later in the year so it could be tied to the new seasons of her series Please Like Me and Reign.”

But the actress called the editor’s response to the incident “absolute bullsh–” in another series on Tweets on Thursday.

“Dude, this a multi pronged catastrophe of cover ups/bullshit/lies on your part. This is simply ONE of the errors you’ve made,” she posted.