One burn survivor is defying the odds – again

By Char Adams
Updated September 28, 2016 12:35 PM
Credit: Courtesy Andrea Grant

One burn survivor is defying the odds – again.

Andrea Grant was told she would never be able to give birth after a house fire left third-degree burns over 80 percent of her body when she was 8 years old, according to Yahoo Beauty. Now, she’s expecting her second child.

“Once you build up your confidence, nobody else can take it down,” Grant, of Jacksonville, Florida, told Yahoo.

To celebrate the baby news, Grant decided she wanted a maternity photo shoot fit for a queen.

“I learned to love myself unconditionally, Because I am a queen #BurnSurvivor,” Grant wrote alongside an Instagram photo of herself dressed in a long, lace skirt with a crop top and a crown on her head.

She uploaded several photos and videos from the shoot and told the Huffington Post that she did not expect the attention they would attract. In just one week, the posts had a total of more than 70,000 “likes” on the social media site.

“I had no idea that would be the outcome,” she said. “It’s a blessing.”

The photos prompted many to take note of Grant’s story, including stars like Steve Harvey, Meagan Good, Christina Milian and Morris Chestnut.

Grant has shared her pregnancy journey – and her road to self acceptance – on Instagram.

“The person I saw in the mirror the Morning before August 14, 2001 was not the person I woke up seeing after August 14 my hair was GONE … the face I knew was GONE and I was forced to deal with it,” she wrote alongside a collage photo showing her scars.

“[One] day I looked in the mirror and saw my smile ‘Look In The Mirror find that one thing you love about yourself and build confidence around it.’ ”

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She has also used her platform to raise awareness for Beyond Scars – an advocacy and support organization to help burn victims and their families.