Eli Dagostino
May 07, 2015 07:05 AM

Men who are curious about yoga but hesitant to walk into a class filled with women no longer need to worry. There is now Broga.

The latest yoga technique popping up in health centers and yoga studios around the country is a specific practice geared toward guys (but open to all).

“It’s a really great workout where the foundation and base is yoga but then I added functional movements and high intensity interval training,” creator and co-founder Robert Sidoti tells PEOPLE.

Sidoti, 44, started the company in 2009 after being a yoga fan for many years and recognizing how few men were in his classes.

“I just realized that yoga helps me so much, and I wanted to be able to create something so other guys can also benefit,” he says. “But I tried to do it in a different way, more of a workout approach.”

Part of differentiating the technique was eliminating the “hypothetical subtle body randomness” present in traditional yoga classes, he says.

“An example is we never really use the word ‘heart.’ In most yoga classes they say something like, ‘Now open your heart.’ But to brand-new dudes, it’s like, ‘Come on!’ ”

The Massachusetts-based instructor favors a more straightforward approach. “We speak simply about things guys can actually feel in that moment.”

The music in class also sets Broga apart. The Black Keys and Led Zeppelin replace calm sounds and chanting.

And while it may seem worlds away from a traditional yoga class, Sidoti says the core elements are the same.

“The breaths and the mindfulness is of the utmost importance to me as the creator of this program,” he says. “But I also want this to be fun.”

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