"I want men to take away that our wives and partners need our support with nursing," Brock Smith tells PEOPLE

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated December 01, 2020 11:38 PM
Credit: Courtesy Brock Smith

Brock Smith was out to eat with his wife Lauren and two young children, when his 2-month old daughter started getting fussy about having to be breastfed underneath a blanket.

“This evening was abnormally hot, and our daughter Everly was having a rough time latching to my wife because she was hot and uncomfortable under the cover,” Smith, 29, tells PEOPLE. “So my wife says, ‘Well Brock, would you like to eat underneath a blanket!?’ So, trying to find the fun in everything, I threw a blanket over my head for the rest of my meal and dessert.”

Smith’s wife Lauren, 28, filmed the whole thing, and he decided to share the video on Facebook to make a point about the hardships of breastfeeding in public.

“As a dad and a husband, I’ve had enough of this asinine argument,” he posted along with the video, which has now been viewed 13,000 times. “Lauren and I are starting a movement.”

Smith says breastfeeding is a topic that he is very aware of, working with moms and moms-to-be in the fitness group he and his wife run.

“We hear horror stories all the time about the harassment and looks that they receive,” he says. “[My wife] has never been shamed directly, but as her husband, I see the looks, and being in tune with my wife, I know she is uncomfortable with doing it publicly.”

Smith says because he is a high school teacher, he and his wife feel extra pressure to always appear modest in case they encounter one of his students.

“The anxiety with nursing in public with our first child, Elliot, now 3, was so real that she hardly ever left the house,” says Smith. “This second time around, I’ve made it my mission to make her feel as comfortable as possible in every situation. I make it my priority to serve my wife in a way that allows her to continually be selfless for our children.”

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The Florida-based teacher hopes his video will inspire men to take a stand for their wives as well.

“I want men to take away that our wives and partners need our support with nursing,” he says. “My wife wants women to take away that there is a community of like-minded moms. Something that is so beautiful and natural has been tainted by society and over-sexualized media – and there is an obvious double-standard.”