Kim Zolciak's daughter Brielle Biermann went down to the tropics for a bikini-filled vacation with her boyfriend, baseball pitcher Michael Kopech

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated November 29, 2016 01:22 PM
Credit: Brielle Biermann/Instagram

Bikini time!

Brielle Biermann and her boyfriend, Red Sox minor league pitcher Michael Kopech, jetted down to the Bahamas for a tropical vacation, and they're spending plenty of time in the sun.

The long-distance couple is sharing photos from their trip all over Instagram.

"At my favorite place with my favorite person," Biermann captioned a photo from one of their dinner dates, where the 19-year-old wore a body-baring dress.

And she showed off her bikini bod as the couple hit the beach.

Biermann says Kopech is very protective of her, and will lash out at people who post negative comments on her Instagram account.

"Some boys comment really gross things on my photos and my boyfriend will get pissed and comment back like ‘Get the f— out of here!' " she previously said. "He gets frustrated with them more than I do. I'm like, ‘Who cares?' "

Biermann said that most of the comments she receives are from people accusing her of getting plastic surgery, which the reality star denies.

"People are just ignorant," she said. "You guys are probably comparing me to season one of Real Housewives of Atlanta and then going straight to now. Where were you guys between? You can see me every single season, and you can see how I change."

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Biermann has copped to getting lip fillers, but says there's no way she would have time for plastic surgery.

"I'm on Snapchat 24-7. If I were to do some downtime, how would that happen?" she asked.