Brandi Cyrus does a full-body boxing workout one to two times a week

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated February 08, 2017 10:35 AM

Brandi Cyrus can throw a mean punch!

The TV personality, 29, trains with TITLE Boxing Club’s Larry Donald one to two times a week to get a full-body boxing workout.

“We’ll start off with shadow boxing and then we’ll do mitt work,” Donald tells PEOPLE. “The type of mitt work I do is called ‘mittology,’ which is based off the mitt work that Floyd Mayweather does. Then we’ll do handbag rounds, and we usually finish off with a core section.”

While throwing punches definitely provides some serious arm toning, it also works the rest of the body’s muscles as well.

“Boxing is a full-body sport,” says Donald. “You work your legs, core and your upper body. To be good at boxing, you have to coordinate all your body parts. When you throw a punch, it starts from the ground up: you generate power from your legs to your hips, to get that pivot you rotate your core. It works your whole body.”

Cyrus specifically likes to focus on leg-toning moves.

“Whenever you do boxing moves like slipping and rolling, you’re using your legs,” says Donald. “Perfecting turning on your punch, that starts from the legs and works all the way up.”

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Cyrus mixes in boxing with yoga and other group exercise classes to help build, tone and shape her muscles.

“She’s always ready to take on new challenges and try new things when she comes in,” says Donald. “She’s willing to push it.”