After a failed rhinoplasty at age 20, Elaine Diaz seeks to have it repaired, but would gain "elephant trunk" in the process

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated November 17, 2015 04:40 PM

A doctor destroyed Elaine Diaz’s nose 25 years ago with amateur rhinoplasty, and now she may finally get it repaired – but at a cost.

To correct the surgery that left her with a large scar and indentation, the Botched doctors will pull down tissue from her forehead and place it over her nose, creating what they call an “elephant trunk” for six weeks.

“Oh my god,” Diaz, 45, says in the exclusive clip from Tuesday’s show. “Could you just imagine me walking around with an elephant trunk?”

Diaz not only spent decades living with the nose-job mishap, but she was just a child when her nose was first damaged.

“When I was a young girl, my sister elbowed me right in the nose. Then I was in a car accident where I hit the dashboard really hard.”

But it wasn’t until she went to her doctor for a consultation on her sinuses that Diaz ended up with a surgically botched nose.

“I went to go see an ear, nose and throat doctor for sinuses, and he noticed a bump on my nose, and he asked if he could take care of it.”

“And this is what I ended up with.”

“I know I made a mistake by going to a doctor who had no idea what he was doing,” she says. “I feel very angry because I have no idea if it’ll ever be the same.”

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Dr. Terry Dubrow says that her doctor likely performed his first rhinoplasty on Diaz.

“That’s when that operation first was invented,” he explains. “So this was probably his first open rhinoplasty.”

“And I was the victim,” Diaz says.

Will Diaz get a new nose thanks to Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif?

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