Biggest Loser host and trainer Bob Harper walked on a treadmill for the first time since his heart attack at a New York City gym

By Julie Mazziotta
March 09, 2017 12:01 PM

Slow and steady!

­Bob Harper is working his way back to health after his heart attack, but it’s a far cry from his old CrossFit workouts.

The Biggest Loser host and trainer shared an Instagram photo of him hitting the treadmill during one of his doctors’ visits.

“Well while all of my @crossfit family is getting ready for 17.3 [a CrossFit workout], I’m walking on a treadmill doing a stress test. Talk about starting back at SQUARE ONE,” posted Harper, 51. “I plan on being the BEST STUDENT. #heartattacksurvivor”

Harper suffered a heart attack on Feb. 12, PEOPLE confirmed, while working out at a New York City gym. The fitness guru — who says there’s a history of heart problems in his family, including his mom, who died of a heart attack — was unconscious in a hospital for two days, and was able to leave eight days later.

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Harper is sharing his recovery process with his worried fans on social media. He spent his first evening out of the house since the attack on Monday, treating himself to a showing of Miss Saigon on Broadway.

“My medicine tonight is going to see one of my favorite shows. Ever. This will be my first evening out since my heart attack. It feels good to be out,” Harper wrote.

And he followed that successful night out with another on Tuesday, making a trip to Eataly for a heart-healthy dinner.

“Since my heart attack, my doctors have suggested more of a Mediterranean Diet so tonight’s dinner is branzino with Brussels sprouts and I started with a salad,” Harper explained.