Flywheel indoor cycling classes burn about 500 calories

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated July 19, 2016 11:25 AM

When Bella Thorne wants to work up a sweat, she heads to Flywheel for their indoor cycling classes.

“A typical Flywheel class is high-energy, incredibly fun, incredibly challenging and incredibly athletic,” master instructor Victor Self, who has taught Thorne, tells PEOPLE. “One of the things that makes us really different from other cycling places is that we guide you by using our innovative technology.”

Unlike many other cycling classes, Flywheel’s bikes show riders exactly how fast they are going and how much resistance they are using.

“We’re able to give you very specific information and guidance, which makes the workout more effective,” explains Self.

While indoor cycling classes are known for strengthening the leg muscles, they also provide a great core workout (Thorne is proof).

“In order for your legs to move effectively and at the speeds that we’re asking you to go, you also have to be engaging your core,” says Self. “You also have to be engaging your upper body, your abs, your glutes, your hamstrings, so it’s really a total body workout.”

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Sitting upright with good posture on the bike works the core muscles, as does moving from a seated position to a standing position.

“Each time you do that, your core has to stabilize you,” says Self. “Once you’re standing up, just to support yourself and to support your body weight with movement, it’s so intense on the core. And that’s why [Thorne] looks the way she looks!”

And while the workout is intense – Self says the average person burns 450 to 500 calories per class – Thorne also has a lot of fun during class.

“She comes in, she’s got the game face, but she’s also got a smile for you and she’s ready to have a good time, maybe sing along to a song if she knows it,” says Self. “I think that adds a little something extra to it because it’s supposed to be fun. She’s a great rider.”