"If you must have her on keep her sitting down," one viewer said in an email to Deborah Knight

By Ana Calderone
January 25, 2016 11:50 AM
Source Twitter

Australian broadcaster Deborah Knight was shamed for her pregnant body on her second to last day before going on maternity leave.

After presenting the weather on Weekend Today, the co-host, 43, shared an upsetting email she received from a viewer on Friday.

“Charming viewer email: ‘Deb great BUT don’t need to look at pregnant body. If you must have her on keep her sitting down,”Knight tweeted. “‘It looks repulsive.'”

Knight – who is expecting her third child – says she was “more disappointed than offended that someone would genuinely hold that view in a modern era.”

“The language used by the viewer was quite strong – she called me ‘repulsive’ – but I get it that there are certain people of a certain generation who might think that pregnant women should perhaps not be in the workforce, because back in the 1950s pregnant women were forced to quit their jobs,” she told news.com.au. “I was just disappointed that someone would express that view in 2016.”

The journalist says she’s continued to work up until two weeks before her due date because she was feeling “fit and healthy,” without any complications.

“I’ve really enjoyed staying on air and sharing my pregnancy with viewers who have enjoyed it as well,” she says.

Knight also went on to share another email she received that praised her changing body – which she adds, matches the majority of viewers’ positive feedback.

“And: ‘Congratulations channel9 on having pregnant woman doing today show. normalising & refreshing to showcase woman in all stages of life,'” she tweeted.

Many of her followers came to Knight’s defense after she shared the “repulsive” email.

“I have never met anyone who emails TV shows. Weird, sad people. You look beautiful Deb. They are showing their ugliness,” tweeted one user.

“You’ve never looked more beautiful. That email is repulsive,” tweeted another.