"I'm so much more than a body," Sjana Elise Earp says in a video addressing skinny-shamers

By Ana Calderone
Updated February 25, 2016 12:40 PM
Credit: Instagram

Australian blogger Sjana Elise Earp has a message for all her followers who think she’s too thin: “I’m so much more than a body.”

In a video for Cosmopolitan posted on Wednesday, Earp addresses her skinny shamers while doing an array of impressive yoga poses.

“I’m not defined by numbers or by other people’s opinions of me,” says the yoga, travel and lifestyle photojournalist who has over 1.1 million Instagram followers. “And the body I have – as imperfect or as skinny or as gross as people may think it is – is my imperfect body. And I’m happy with it the despite their irrelevant opinions.”

Earp also went on to clarify that by posting photos of herself working out and traveling does not mean she is projecting her body-type ideals onto others.

“I have never and I will never suggest that people should aspire to have my body. In fact, it’s the opposite,” she says. “We don’t look at a landscape and criticize the shape of a valley or the size of a mountain, do we? So why are we so quick to judge other natural things like the human figure?”

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Earp finished off by saying, “You’re a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.”

The yoga star’s page is often filled with similar inspiring quotes.

“Explore your values, challenge yourself, remove yourself from your comfort zone and define the meaning of adventure,” she captioned a beach photo, “to be one that encapsulates exploration and adventure as a holistic term referring to body, mind and soul.”