Ashley Graham shared more photos from her nude photoshoot, and shows off her stretch marks

By Julie Mazziotta
May 04, 2017 11:14 AM

Ashley Graham wants you to “love the skin you’re in.”

The model shared another photo from her nude photoshoot for V magazine, where she bares her backside — stretch marks and all.

Graham, 29, talks about body love with actress Tracee Ellis Ross in the new issue, and recalls a time early in her modeling career when she wanted to give up because of self-doubt.

“I think I hit bottom around 18,” she tells the magazine, on newsstands now. “I was disgusted with myself and told my mom I was coming home. And she told me, ‘No, you’re not, because you told me that this was what you wanted and I know you’re supposed to do this. It doesn’t matter what you think about your body, because your body is supposed to change somebody’s life.’ ”

Graham’s mom had a huge impact on her life — and body image — from a young age.

“I remember my first signs of cellulite, in middle school. I remember telling my mom ‘Isn’t it disgusting? It’s so ugly.’ She pulled her pants down and said, ‘Look, I have it, too. And I was like, ‘Gasp!’ ”

“She looked at me, then at it, and just rolled her eyes,” Graham says. “She didn’t tell me that it’s beautiful or ugly. She just made it a nonissue.”

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Graham names her as one of her two biggest role models.

“Today I have two role models. One of them is my mom,” Graham says. “Just seeing how happy she has been going through [life] and how she’s handled every curveball is like, that’s a women who has integrity and dignity and has been kind and generous to people around her.”