Former WWE star Ariane Andrew says she has more time to work out since she retired

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated December 01, 2016 11:30 AM
Credit: Tim Alexander

Ariane Andrew gained fame as WWE’s Cameron, but the former pro-wrestler says she’s actually in better shape now since retiring from the sport.

“I have more availability now to work out,” Andrew, 29, tells PEOPLE. “I was on the road 300 days a year, so I wasn’t able to work out as intensely. Once we’d get back to the hotel or after a long travel day, you’re exhausted, so I wasn’t able to do as much with the WWE.”

Andrew explains there was no training schedule or fitness guidelines when she was in the WWE, so the competitors were left to their own choices when it came to exercise.

“It was like, if you want to work out you can, but if you don’t want to work out you didn’t have to work out,” she says. “You obviously had to stay fit, but it’s based on your drive and how much you want to push your body.”

Since stepping away from the ring, Andrew tries to work out five days a week.

“On Mondays I usually do two hours to really jumpstart my week, so I’ll do a Zumba class, and then I’ll do a body works and abs class right after,” she says. “I try to get a hike in once a week as well, then I do my own personal barbell workout for the legs or dumbbells for the arms, and then I try to see my personal trainer once a week for circuit training.”

Andrew says she tried Zumba after feeling like her workouts had become stagnant and found that she actually loved the dance-based cardio class.

“It’s such a fun class to take where you’re getting cardio and you’re working with your own body weight,” she says. “It’s not like sitting on a cardio machine — I’m constantly looking at how much time I have left, whereas with Zumba you’re working to music, you’re dancing, you’re working every part of your body, and before you know it you’re drenched in sweat. I feel like I get a way harder workout than doing cardio on the treadmill.”

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Because Andrew is so disciplined with her workouts, she takes a refreshingly relaxed approach when it comes to diet.

“My motto is live your best life,” she says. “I feel like if you’re going to work out the gym, I want to be able to enjoy food as well. I don’t want to restrict myself. If I want to have a pizza, I will, and I’ll just put in overtime at the gym.”

The Total Divas almuna says she’d rather indulge from time to time than have a perfect six-pack.

“If I did eat a bit healthier, I’d be more chiseled, but I’m like, ‘What is it worth? Do I want to be more chiseled or do I want to enjoy my life and live it to the fullest?'” she says. “I choose to work out hard but enjoy life as well.”