Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley cover the October issue of Women's Health and Fitness magazine in Australia

By Lindsay Kimble
September 19, 2017 12:16 PM
Credit: Courtesy Kate Wasley

Two social media stars known for championing body acceptance and positivity are covering the October issue of Australia’s Women’s Health and Fitness magazine – an honor they consider a positive step forward for women everywhere.

“So yesterday, this happened,” the women of Any Body Co. – Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley – wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of their cover. “Not for us, for all the women that have looked at magazines and questioned if they are enough, YOUR ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.”

Continued the post, “Two non ‘fitness’ models, covered a health and fitness magazine? Why? Because this AMAZING magazine shares our message that health comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and there isn’t one body shape to call yourself ‘fit.’ ”

“Mental, physical and spiritual WELLNESS is what we determine as ‘health’ and this is why it’s time to #QuitTheComparisons and choose to LOVE yourself & #LoveAnyBODY,” Any Body Co. said. “Thank you giving us this opportunity @whandfmag and showing ALL women that no matter your shape or size you are ENOUGH.”

Both Gibbs and Wasley are models. They were inspired to start Any Body Co. after dealing with accusations of photoshop over a photo taken with each other back in January – harsh comments all pegged to their different sizes.

The reaction made it clear to Gibbs and Wasley that people place too much of a value on appearance. Wasley told PEOPLE earlier this year, “After reading comments and questions from people I know, one of the most common was ‘Don’t you ever feel self-conscious being the bigger one?’ We want to change society’s beauty standards that smaller is better, when in reality neither is better than the other. We think your health and wellbeing should be the priority.”

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Gibbs also celebrated the cover on her personal Instagram account, resharing the photo and writing, “Proud muma moment.”

“Not for me, not for Kate, not for @any.body_co but for every woman that has felt like you aren’t enough, you are MORE than enough,” said Gibbs. “Thank you for making this real life & @leeaoak for always supporting my dreams.”