August 17, 2017 01:21 PM

Fitness influencer Anna Victoria wants people to know that one cheat meal isn’t going to derail a healthy lifestyle.

The personal trainer shared a series of photos of her stomach during her trip to Disneyland — one from the beginning of the day, one from after she chowed down on everything from churros to ice cream to bread bowls, and one from the next morning. While she was “super bloated” after her “cheat day” meals, she woke up back to normal.

“One unhealthy meal or day will not ruin your progress just like one good meal won’t make you lose weight,” Victoria writes. “In the moment of a cheat meal or shortly after when the bloat struggle is all too real, we let our minds go into a downward spiral and think we’ve just ruined weeks of hard work. No, you haven’t‼”

Anna Victoria/Instagram

Victoria says that adding in a few treats can actually help your body lose weight.

“That one cheat meal likely helped decrease cortisol (the stress hormone that causes your body to hold onto fat/prevents you from losing it) and can even help your body more effectively burn fat once you’re back on track the next day,” she says. “So let yourself LIVE!”

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And the Instagrammer adds that healthy eating is about balance.

“We have to understand that food serves a purpose: to fuel and nourish our bodies. And in order to feel our best, utilizing food for this purpose about 80% of the time is what will help us feel great, inside and out. That leaves the other 20% for you to indulge and remember that life is also about kicking back and enjoying yourself!” Victoria says.

Still, she admits that finding balance is tough, and says she has to restrict cheat foods to one day so she doesn’t go off the rails. Victoria advises followers to stay focused on their goals.

“When you are struggling, remind yourself why you’re here and that you’re doing this for you, and your future self will thank you for it.”

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