"I was really hoping I would just do it as an experiment," the Pitch Perfect star says of her new lifestyle

By Michele Corriston
Updated May 12, 2015 03:20 PM
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Anna Kendrick doesn’t turn 30 until Aug. 9, but the Pitch Perfect 2 star says she’s mentally hit the milestone already. So she decided to get her body in shape – and kind of hates how much she loves it.

“I’ve been trying to be more healthy, and oh, it’s the worst,” Kendrick told Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday’s show. “The worst part is I feel so much better. Like, that’s the worst part … it works!”

The actress’s new regimen involves substituting veggies for fast food – something she’s not totally thrilled about.

“I feel like, ‘Oh, this is how healthy people feel.’ I get the appeal,” she explained. “But I was really hoping that I would just do it as an experiment and I would feel the same and I could just go back to eating Taco Bell whenever I wanted.”

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Hey, even 30-something women deserve a greasy indulgence now and then.

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