Jessie Graff
David Becker/NBC
Gabrielle Olya
June 04, 2017 10:00 AM

American Ninja Warrior star and stuntwoman Jessie Graff will compete along with the rest of USA’s Dream Team as they take on some of the world’s best ninjas on Sunday night’s “USA vs. The World” special on NBC, and getting to her level of fitness came with a lot of hard work.

Want to train like a Warrior? Graff is breaking down the best moves you can do at the gym to prepare to take on the show’s super-challenging obstacle courses.

“Every Ninja Warrior course is different, and adapting to obstacles you’ve never seen or touched before may be the hardest part,” Graff, 33, tells PEOPLE. “Here’s a simple test of strength to see if you’re strong enough to complete a City Finals Course (or to figure out how far you could get). While none of these exercises prepare you for any specific obstacle, doing them all together in this format gives a rough idea if you have the pull up strength and grip endurance to complete City Finals. If you can maintain strict form and complete the routine, you definitely have the strength to get through!”

You may take up to 30 seconds of rest between each move:

10 Speed Skaters

4 Wide Pull-Ups

Jessie Graff

8 Narrow Pull-Ups

Jessie Graff

10 Jump Squats

10 Chin-Ups

Jessie Graff

10 Jump Squats

6 Clapping Pull-Ups followed by 6 Standard Pull-Ups (no rest in between)

10 Narrow Pull-Ups

Jessie Graff

14 Standard Pull-Ups

American Ninja Warrior’s “USA vs. The World” special airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, and the regular season premieres June 12 at 8 p.m. ET, both on NBC.

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