By Julie Mazziotta
Updated October 11, 2016 12:50 PM

American Housewife‘s Katy Mixon is happy to share a different view on body image than her character, Katie Otto.

While Mixon plays the self-conscious Otto on the show, in real life, she’s all about body positivity.

“I never let the media dictate my identity, so the fact that I’m a size 14 or a size 2, or a size 8, or a size 4, I kind of rock and roll. It doesn’t matter to me,” Mixon, 35, tells PEOPLE Now.

“But, Katie Otto, it’s a very sensitive topic for her to not be one of the Stepford Wives, but she feels so strong in her conviction to be who she is. But she struggles with that. Me? I’m who I am. So in that sense, we’re a little bit different.”

Mixon wants people to embrace their uniqueness, rather than dream of looking like someone else.

“My whole thing is there is nobody else like you in this whole world. And so, that’s really powerful,” she says. “So when you think about it, in that sense, you don’t have to compare yourself. You really don’t.”

“And sure, there are moments when it’s like, ‘Ugh, I wish it was different today, I wish I could fit in those jeans,’ but it’s not my self-worth. It just isn’t. And I refuse for it to be. You literally just have to celebrate who you are, because that’s a beautiful thing.”