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May 27, 2016 01:15 PM

Missy Rogers from New Jersey was confused when she couldn’t fit into her usual size 4 shorts while shopping for shorts at American Eagle. But the 20-year-old made a disturbing discovery when comparing her new size 10 shorts with her size 4 pair from two years ago – they appeared to have the same waist measurement.

In a Facebook post that has been shared more than 72,000 times since Saturday, Rogers explained how the inconsistent sizing led her to a realization.

“My first impression when going into the store and trying on the size 4 (as I had in the past) was disheartening as I could not even get them past my knees,” she wrote. “Having to go up to a size 10 made me question just how much weight I gained, but once I brought the shorts home and compared, I realized that size is literally just a number.”

While Rogers refused to get hung up on the number on the shorts label, she posted the photo to spread the word, concerned that the need to fit into a smaller size could negatively impact other women.

“I do worry about the message younger girls have with media promoting ‘the perfect skinny body,'” Rogers continued. “They have been convinced that the smaller size you are, the more beautiful you are. This is not the case, and I think it’s important to show that clothing size should not define your beauty. If a size 10 is what a size 4 use to be, what message are you implying to younger girls?”

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Although Rogers admits that she wasn’t sure how people would react to her “Facebook rant,” the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many readers echoing her sentiments.

“If it has positively impacted even just one person and reminded he or she that size is just a number, then it was well worth it,” Rogers said on Facebook.

American Eagle’s Global Brand President, Chad Kessler, responded to the controversy in a statement to PEOPLE:

“We agree fully with Missy that women are so much more than numbers, which is why we are so strongly committed to body positivity. Like every retailer, we strive for consistency and clarity to help our customers make decisions. We’ve reached out to Missy to get her feedback on her shopping experience and look forward to engaging in a discussion around this important issue.”

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