A vendor on AliExpress is selling plus-size leggings by showing an image of a thin model with both of her legs wedged into one of the pant legs

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated August 07, 2015 03:50 PM
Credit: Courtesy Aliexpress

Well that’s a new way to advertise plus-size leggings!

A vendor selling 3XL and 5XL leggings on international shopping site AliExpress has used some interesting photos to demonstrate their size. Instead of just showing a plus-size model wearing the garment, some images show a thin model with both of her legs wedged into one pant leg.

The odd photos have already gone viral on Reddit, with some commenters trying to make sense of why the leggings are being modeled this way.

“Sweet, finally a pair of yoga pants where a girl can fit all four of her legs into it,” wrote user ThisIsReLLiK.

“It’s leggings for mermaids with two fins,” suggested user StrawberryF2.

Perhaps the photos are meant to show the stretch of the pant, but it’s unclear why the leggings were not just modeled by the women they are actually intended for.

The questionably advertised “casual elastic high waist slim skinny long pants” are available in a variety of “candy colors,” and sell for $10.90 to $12 – what a steal!

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The same vendor also sells plus-size jeans, which he labels as “Big Size Women Pants.”

We’re hoping the whole website is just a severe case of “lost in translation.”