Argentinian actress Lorena Meritano shared a photo of her double mastectomy scars and the story of her breast cancer treatment

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated January 13, 2021 04:05 PM
Credit: Lorena Meritano/Instagram

Lorena Meritano is not letting breast cancer defeat her.

The Argentinian actress is sharing her inspiring message of perseverance after undergoing a double mastectomy, with a photo proudly baring her scars.

“Life throws us curveballs to teach us things and to allow us to realize the number of changes we must undergo on every level,” Meritano, 45, writes on Instagram.

Meritano, a popular telenovela star, found a breast cancer lump back in March 2014 during a self-check. She quickly went in for treatment and underwent chemotherapy and multiple surgeries to remove the tumors in the summer of 2014, plus a single mastectomy to her right breast.

But in January 2016, the tumors were back, and to make her recovery even tougher, Meritano’s husband left her after learning that she would have her other breast and her ovaries removed.

“People think that not having a breast, losing your hair, eyelashes or getting thin means you’re suffering, and those who have lived through this, know that’s the least of it all. At least for me,” she says.

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Now healing after her second mastectomy, Meritano says she plans to have her areolas tattoed on, and she’s focusing on what she’s learned from the entire experience.

“I give testimony of my life day after day to generate consciousness of the importance for breast self-exams as well as the importance to face obstacles with faith, bravery, humility and strength,” she says. “I’m nothing more than human, and like many, I am faced with difficulties and I’m proud of my faith and strength. I feel as if I’m succeeding: Thanks to God.”