Actress Abigail Spencer, who uses a fitness tracker and drinks plenty of water to stay committed to her health, shares her food diary

By Jessica Fecteau
February 17, 2017 03:32 PM

For Timeless star Abigail Spencer, being on set is no excuse for neglecting her fitness goals.

The 35-year-old says her costumes for the show are custom-made to allow her to stay on track.

“I wear my Fitbit and try to hit my steps,” Spencer tells PEOPLE. “They even put pockets in all my costumes for it! I’m committed to hitting my step count.”

The actress, who does Pilates twice a week, also believes in staying hydrated.

“I’m always trying to get in water. It is the life source,” she says. “It’s extremely easy to dehydrate working 14 hours a day and on my feet all the time.”

She also knows how to treat herself after a particularly long day.

“I have ice cream every week. Maybe twice,” she says. “I live for ice cream, but not just any ice cream. It has to be locally sourced and usually somewhere I can walk to.”

Check out Spencer’s daily food log below, and for more on her diet and workouts, pick up a copy of PEOPLE, on stands now.

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6 to 8 bottles of water with lemon and muddled mint

Small soy cappuccino with one Splenda
Whole-wheat toast with one scrambled egg, olive oil, sliced avocado, salt, pepper and chili flakes

1 energy drink
1 cup of strawberries and blueberries
1 serving of cinnamon-flavored chickpeas

2 crab cakes
Tagliatelle pasta with garlic, basil, peas, olive oil and parmesan
Sugar-free root beer

1 glass of rosé
3 cups of low-fat white-cheddar popcorn

Total calories:

The Verdict:
“Abigail starts her day with a generous dose of protein, heart-healthy fats and fiber—a satiating and heart-nourishing combination to power through the day,” says Atlanta-based dietitian Marisa Moore, who also praises her water intake. And for dinner, “broccoli, which has cancer-fighting properties in addition to vitamin C and fiber, is a smart pick and creates a well-balanced meal with the pasta.”