PEOPLE's West Coast New Editor, Aili Nahas, tried a facial that goes beyond the face

By Aili Nahas
February 23, 2017 11:30 AM
Credit: Courtesy The ELEMIS Targeted Toning Treatment at The Spa at Beverly Wilshire

What It Is: A facial that goes beyond the face

Who Tried It: Aili Nahas, West Coast News Editor

Why She Did It: At the start of awards season, attention to the skin must be paid!

Level of Pain: 0, depending on whether or not any extractions are called for

It’s Oscar season, and in Hollywood, that means red carpets. And cameras. And endless press. So it’s no surprise that around this time, A-listers pull out all the stops when it comes to their skin. Enter luxury British skincare line ELEMIS, which has developed a signature service that combines massage and sculpting technology, as well as top notch products, for The Spa at Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. The immensely relaxing- and effective!- treatment targets not only the face, but the oft-overlooked décolletage and arms, ensuring that you will look star-worthy from head to toe. I arrived at the hotel just in time to get outfitted in a plush white robe and nibble on some dried fruit and chocolate in the lounge while I awaited the ELEMIS specialist. Once I was inside the treatment room, the fun began. A foot cleanse was followed by dry brushing to stimulate circulation, as well as a lymphatic massage to detoxify. (I’m telling you, this is much more than just a facial!) I was 8 months pregnant and had to opt out of some of the exfoliation treatments and the incredible microcurrent treatment, but I was able to benefit from the infusion of 95% pure oxygen, which acts like a natural plumper for the skin. Masks and sculpting creams (you haven’t had an arm massage until you’ve had one here) follow. The overall effect was utterly glamorous- ELEMIS fans like Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford and Alicia Vikander will surely be flocking to join the trend.

Price: $505. It’s a pretty penny, but the price to pay in order to confidently strut your stuff in a plunging V-neck gown with a glow that even J.Lo would envy!