The Fox News anchor also said she only has one good side: "I'm hideous from the right"

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated November 09, 2016 11:03 AM
FOX Special - "Megyn Kelly Presents"
Credit: Alex Kroke/FOX via Getty

Megyn Kelly spends most of her days in the spotlight, so she’s an expert on working her angles.

During an appearance on Wednesday’s Live with Kelly, the Fox News anchor and host Kelly Ripa covered everything from Tuesday’s shocking presidential election to Spanx, and it all started with a discussion about … their kids.

“I want to be an empty-nester,” said Ripa, 46, who shares three kids with husband Mark Consuelos. “Rob Lowe told me that once your kids leave, it is all nude, all the time. He said: ‘Kelly, we have not put clothes on since the kids left for college.’ ”

“Well, you’re Kelly Ripa, so you’re looking forward to that. I’m like …,” said Kelly before trailing off and slouching over in her seat, pointing at herself and grimacing. “Nobody wants to see that.”

“Oh yeah, nobody wants to see that,” responded Ripa with an eye roll. “I can tell you right now, there are several men in the audience [raising their hands]. There are some women too!”

Kelly, 45, laughed and chalked it all up to an “illusion.”

“It starts with a beautiful product called Spanx, you’re well aware,” she explained. “If you can put on a little self-tanner, it takes off 10 lbs. instantly.”

“Self-tanner is killer,” said Ripa in agreement. “If I went to Survivor island [I would take] self-tanner.”

Kelly, meanwhile, said if she were to be sent to a desert island, she wouldn’t be able to pick just one beauty item to bring with her.

“I’m like: ‘Well, foundation, and eyeliner, and concealer, and bronzer’ — I can’t limit it to one, which must mean something bad about me,” she said.

Ripa went on to point out that was probably just because Kelly spends so much of her time on-camera.

“Think about when you’re not on-camera — do you wear a stitch of makeup?” she asked.

“Hell yes!” admitted Kelly. “What am I, a barbarian?”

“I must be a barbarian then,” said Ripa with a laugh.

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According to Kelly, being on TV “only exacerbates the problem” because it calls attention to her “bad side.”

“I’ll give you an example: Sitting here right now, I’m so glad that you’re seeing me from the left, because this is my only good side,” said Kelly, pointing at the left side of her face. “I’m hideous from the right – don’t look! I look good on the left — I nailed it on the left.”

Kelly went on to tell the story about a recent magazine photo shoot she had, in which the photographer kept insisting for “more profile.”

“I left feeling like Phantom of the Opera,” she joked. “I was like: ‘Oh my god, it’s so much worse than I thought. What happened in utero?!’ My mom was like: ‘I only smoked in the last trimester.’ ”

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