Hilary Duff Just Revealed the Secret to Her Effortless Summer Tan

And no, it doesn’t involve hours in the sun

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Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Have you noticed that Hilary Duff's skin has been looking extra glowy lately? It seems everyone else has noticed, so much so that Duff was inspired to share the secret to her bronzed, dewy, perfectly hydrated complexion with her 17.8 million Instagram followers.

"Everyone keeps saying, 'You're tan!' and I'm like, 'I know,'" Duff wrote in an Instagram Stories post that showed off a 6.8-ounce bottle of Luna Bronze moisturizer, which is presumably behind her effortless summer tan. We know it's effortless because a quick scroll through the reviews shoppers have left about this tanner-moisturizer hybrid demonstrates it's the easiest self-tanner you'll probably ever use.

Hilary Duff Instagram
Hilary Duff Instagram

Not into self-tanner? We get it. Some are messy and can transfer onto clothes and sheets after use, while others can leave a streaky orange finish that takes weeks to even out, so we don't blame you if you're wary. But if you're craving a fresh summer tan without baking in the sun's harsh UV rays, a good self-tanner is your best bet — and the one Duff just recommended seems to be one of the best out there.

Luna Bronze's Glow Tanning Moisturizer is a multitasking lotion packed with hydrating vitamins A, B, and E that fight signs of aging and improve skin texture. It goes on silky-smooth and revives dry, dull skin in minutes while slowly giving skin a natural, even tan.

Glow Tanning Moisturizer Luna Bronze

Buy It! Luna Bronze Tanning Moisturizer, $29; revolve.com; lunabronzetanning.com

Simply apply evenly onto clean, dry skin and wait a few minutes for it to completely absorb before getting dressed, just like you would with a regular moisturizer. Slowly build up color by using it daily until you achieve your desired tan — slowly being the key word here. With other self-tanners, you might wake up the next morning five shades darker than your usual skin tone, but with Luna Bronze, you have more control over your sun-kissed glow.

Hundreds of reviewers say it's "the best tanning lotion ever." One customer wrote, "Smells great, goes on just like regular lotion, and dries so quickly. That way you can just go about your day instead of waiting hours for something to dry or soak in. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

It's even earned the stamp of approval from first-time self-tanner users. "I was super hesitant to try a tanning lotion, and this is my first one ever. I'm pretty pale and a redhead naturally so I was really worried about looking fake," they wrote. "The buildup and subtlety of this lotion was true to its name, and I couldn't be happier with my glow!!"

If you want an effortless glow like Duff's without the risk, give this tanning lotion a try.

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