Hair Food Coconut & Argan Oil Heat Protectant Blend Spray

Shoppers Who've Tried a 'Million Different Heat Protectants' Dub This Drugstore Find 'Gold'

They say it makes hair feel stronger, silky, soft, and shiny
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It's always mildly frustrating when you want something but can't get your hands on it — but by the same token, it's a testament to a product's success when so many people hit "buy" that it's constantly about to sell out on Amazon. Such is the case for Hair Food's Coconut and Argan Oil Heat Protectant Spray Blend, a multitasking hair hero that has shoppers talking. 

It's not one of Sephora or Ulta's prominently stocked brands, but the Amazon secret has won over 5,000 five-star ratings from shoppers on the website, where reviewers marvel at how well it keeps hair healthy, soft, and shiny in the face of damage. "My baby-fine hair feels stronger and silky. Not stiff at all," one person said. "Best I've tried." 

Others remark that there's no trace of residue or stickiness from the formula, just hair that's "so soft" and shiny. As the name implies, the heat protectant uses argan and coconut oil to your tresses' advantage; corn silk extract and orchid flower extract are also included, as is castor oil for a strengthening angle. And according to shoppers, that makes all the difference.

Buy It! Hair Food Coconut & Argan Oil Heat Protectant Spray Blend, $10.98 (orig. $12.49);

"This stuff is awesome! I ordered this not really expecting much, but omg," a shopper wrote of the effect on their "dry, frazzled, [and] over-processed" hair. "This was a game-changer. My hair overall is so much shinier when I use this, and [my] broken pieces actually blend in and look smooth. I've used a million different heat protectants, but this one is gold."  

More people highlight the "beautiful, natural shine" the hair protectant leaves behind, and wonder at how the spray incorporates coconut oil without making their hair feel oily or greasy. It's so good that one reviewer says they use the Hair Food spray even when they're not straightening their hair — and when a heat protectant doubles as a leave-in, you know you've found something special. 

"Holy cow! I have really, really dry, brittle curly hair, and it is so hard to find products that don't weigh it down and give it the right softness, body, and shine," another fan said of the "life-changing" product. "In fact, in all my 41 years, I've never found the right products. Well, I think I finally have. After one use, my hair is transformed."

Even self-described "senior citizens" with very thin, frizzy, dyed hair dub it a "godsend," and instead of acting as a band-aid for damage, others comment that the formula actually feels like it's repairing abused sections — and it doesn't irritate their "super sensitive skin" to boot.  All in all, this might be one of Amazon's best-kept secrets yet.

Get the quietly fabulous heat protectant for $10.98, marked down from $12.49 on Amazon.