They’re made with breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics

By Summer Cartwright
July 02, 2020 05:30 AM
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Wearing a face covering can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but doing your part doesn’t mean you’re limited to wearing traditional (and sometimes uncomfortable) face masks. There are actually a lot of options out there that will cover your mouth and nose, as is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While it’s proven that the most effective face masks are sewn and multi-layered, Amazon shoppers say lighter gaiter-style face coverings are their favorites for working out and doing other socially distanced activities.

Reviews say these designs are more comfortable and more breathable, so it’s no wonder why they’ve been filling up Amazon’s best-sellers page. The products look similar to infinity scarves but are made to fit securely around your face rather than just your neck. And some styles come with additional benefits like sun protection, water resistance, and dust blocking. In fact, a lot of them are designed to be worn during sports like biking or fishing, so they are made of really lightweight material that has breathability in mind. 

Popular Gaiter Face Coverings on Amazon: 

While wearing these protections out in public isn’t ideal, it’s necessary, and these comfortable and breathable options can make this new normal easier and less stressful. Below, you’ll find 10 of the most popular face covers that Amazon shoppers say they prefer over face masks. 

Into the AM Seamless Face Cover


As of this writing, Amazon’s top-selling item across clothes, shoes, and jewelry is the $13 Into the AM Face Cover. The seamless design has nearly 1,000 perfect five-star ratings and comes in 40 different colors and prints. Made with moisture-wicking fabric that is designed to transfer heat from your breath away from your body, it’s ideal for working out or running errands, especially on hot days. 

“I use this at work for a face mask due to the current situation at hand,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s very light and easy to breathe through. I love the fact that I can just bring it home and wash it. Much better than those one time use masks.”

Buy It! Into the AM Seamless Face Cover, $12.95;

Doerix Bandana Face Mask 


Originally designed for motorcyclists, the Doerix bandana is made with a polyester microfiber that quickly absorbs sweat and moisture and provides UPF 20 sun protection. The face covering stretches on any side you pull from, but stitched edges keep it from falling or rolling up. For those who want a fun design, this is the perfect option: It comes in galactic prints that are out-of-this-world cool. 

“I’ve been using this bandana instead of a cloth mask during the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s incredible,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I hate surgical-style masks because of how hot and confining they are. This bandana is super secure because of the adjustable elastic on the top, and the length of it makes a fairly decent ‘seal’ that you’re wearing a mask for in the first place. It’s big enough that my breath doesn’t get hot and has been a huge help.”

Buy It! Doerix Bandana Face Mask, $13.99 (orig. $16.99);

Ababalaya Face Bandanas


The throwback bandana pattern has been coming back in fashion this year, and it just so happens that this pack of six gaiters showcases that style. At just over $4 per gaiter, this pack is a great option for families looking for affordable protection that can also reflect everyone’s own personal taste. 

Buy It! Ababalaya Face Bandanas, $25.99;

Geyoga Summer Face Cover UV Protection Neck Gaiter


Sometimes, the simplest designs are the best ones. If you’re on the hunt for a no-frills face covering that can match whatever’s in your closet, Geyoga’s pack of six gaiters will do the trick. The neutral-toned coverings are sweat-wicking, UV-proof, and sand-proof, according to the brand. One reviewer was blunt in saying: “Sucks having to wear these every day but they cover my face like I’m supposed to do thanks to COVID… As comfortable as can be wearing for 10+ hours a day.”

Buy It! Geyoga Summer Face Cover UV Protection Neck Gaiter, $26.99;

Vagasi Multifunctional Half Balaclava Neck Gaiter


This just-under-$10 sporty covering provides UPF 50 and a snug fit that shoppers really value. “These are very comfortable face coverings for going into public places these days,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I can breathe easy and keep my face covered at the same time.”

Buy It! Vagasi Multifunctional Half Balaclava Neck Gaiter, $9.59;

Faybox Wicking Outdoor Headwear Bandana


The Faybox mask can also function as a headband thanks to its stretchy and versatile construction. This design comes with a pack of six, each in different prints and colors. Made only with lightweight and breathable microfiber, the mask is easy to move around in, according to shoppers. 

Buy It! Wicking Headbands Outdoor Headwear Bandana, $15.90;

Venswell Summer Neck Gaiter


Made with breathability in mind, Venswell’s gaiter comes packed with useful features that shield you from dust and wind and protect against the sun. For runners who are looking for outdoor protection, this lightweight option could be the one for you: It wicks away sweat and moisture, and it’s fast-drying. “These are great summer face shields,” wrote a happy customer. “They are very lightweight, so as not to make you even hotter.”

Buy It! Venswell Summer Neck Gaiter, $10.90;

Self Pro Summer Face Mask


The Self Pro Summer Face Mask is so lightweight, one reviewer said that when they wear it, they “barely remember it’s there.” It’s machine-washable and reusable, which makes it extremely convenient for long-term use. 

Buy It! Self Pro Summer Face Mask, $15.99;

Sunmeci Summer Face Mask


If the look of this face cover reminds you of a pair of athletic shorts, you’re not crazy. It’s made with the same type of stretchy and breathable polyester fabric that often is used in activewear. Shoppers say this feature makes the mask ideal for outdoor use. “Very comfortable and lightweight,” wrote a shopper. “Better than a mask for me.”

Buy It! Summer Face Mask, $11.99;

Tough Headband Face Mask Bandana & Neck Gaiter


If you’re looking for something soft and comfortable, the Vegasi gaiter scores high marks on both fronts. “I like this product way more than those paper throw away masks,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Comfortable is the number one thing, the breathability, it’s not hot at all.” Another benefit: Shoppers say the gaiter is machine-washable and doesn’t lose its shape after getting cleaned. 

Buy It! Tough Headband Face Mask Bandana & Neck Gaiter, $10.95;

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